Melt Massage by Megan

FAQs and Policies

Refund & Cancellation Policy

In the event that you find yourself needing to cancel, such as due to illness or emergency, I ask that you do so with as much notice as possible. In order to reschedule or cancel your massage you must do so at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. Failure to do so will negate your ability to receive a refund for the services selected, as well as negate your ability to reschedule that appointment; a new appointment will need to be made with a new holding fee (50% of the total service cost).

Late cancellations, which are considered within the 24-hour window, offer two options: you can reschedule the appointment, in which case the holding fee will be transferred to the new appointment, or you can cancel completely, in which case the 50% service cost is non-refundable. Please Note: You may not reschedule an appointment and keep the same holding fee more than one time.

If you are going to be later than 15 minutes, your appointment will be cancelled and your holding fee will be considered non-refundable.

No call, no shows will not have their holding fees refunded. This includes appointments cancelled within three-hours of your start time.

Please note, if you no call, no show you will not be able to reschedule and move the holding fee to a new appointment; you will need to create an entire new appointment with a new holding fee.

Three no call, no shows will result in your account being flagged and you will be terminated as a client.


Payment for Services

To secure your appointment a 50% holding fee is required, though you will have the option to pay for the full service during booking if desired. Upon completion of service, the remaining 50% of cost must be paid in either cash or via card.

No checks will be accepted.

Upon completion of service, refunds are no longer allowed.

Tips are not required, but are greatly appreciated.


When you arrive:

Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early so you provide yourself a little bit of time just in case of traffic and have time to use the restroom if need be. I am located inside of 3737 Lake Eastbrook in Suite 203. If my door is closed I am finishing prepping for your service, feel free to sit in the seating area in the chairs outside my office.

First time having a massage?

Being well hydrated and having a light meal or snack are both good ideas before your massage, but make sure not to eat so much or drink too much that you’re uncomfortable! It’s always a best practice to be sure to use the restroom before your service begins so that you aren’t worrying about needing “to go” in the middle of your appointment. Get the most bang for your buck by showing up early to take care of any restroom needs before your appointment begins. There is a unisex bathroom available on the same floor, and two gendered bathrooms on the bottom floor.

Post Massage

Some After-Massage Tips to Make the Most of your Time!

Remember that the way you treat your body after a massage is just as important as the work that’s done during the massage! Drink plenty of water following your appointment to hydrate your body; you may not have felt it during the appointment, but your body has sweat out a great deal of nutrients, especially during a Hot Stone massage or Deep Pressure massage. Hydrating afterwards will keep you from feeling sore the next day. Additional aftercare that can help is using a heating pad on the areas that were massaged or might feel tender following your appointment, or taking an Epsom Salt bath to keep your muscles loose. If you are experiencing more tenderness in an area than you would like to, you can also ice or take an anti-inflammatory of your choice to assist your body in adapting to the work done.

While soreness may occur after a massage, it should never last more than a couple of days; let Megan know if your soreness persists so that you can work together on a different approach moving forward with your care.


It is required that you treat your Massage Therapist with respect before, during, and after your appointment; they are here to help, not to be taken advantage of or maltreated. If such treatment occurs, Megan reserves the right to refuse service on grounds of disrespectful treatment. This is a professional environment dedicated to healing and helping; insinuation or action taken that is unprofessional will not be tolerated.

More information on Respect Massage can be found here: